SATA drive automount

Turns out my success with installing a new harddrive wasn’t all that successful. We had a (planned) power outage in the house this week and the server halted during boot….

fsck complains about missing superblock on /dev/sda1. Not a very pleasant message at all.
One quick solution was to remove the /dev/sda1 entry from /etc/fstab and always mount manually instead of automount.

I finally found out that mount tries to mount the drive before the sata kernel modules had been loaded. Mount fails and then fsck fails. The solution was to add the sata modules to the /etc/modules.

I ran lsmod to find out the name of the sata module and then added:

# Tobias: Load SATA modules before mount

to the /etc/modules file and rebooted again. Seems to work….

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